Week 44: Extended by 2

The big news this week is that our show, “Premarital Sextet” has been extended for 2 more shows on November 15 and 29. We are the only show out of the Level 5 shows to extend so it’s a good thing for us.This week’s show was another sell-out and my friends Steve and Kristin were in attendence. Next week is graduation night and I have mixed feelings about the impending close of this experience.

Miles traveled: 2,470….

What else? I feel like I missed something. Oh yeah, Mason and Morgan are here. :)


It all happened in such a blur, but I’m going to try and give you as much as I can remember in a close to chronological order as possible, but I make no guarantees.On Tuesday, Melinda had a scheduled sonogram and doctor appointment. I had a weird feeling that things were going to snowball either at the appointment or right after so I spent all weekend making sure everything that needed to be done and moved was done. Sure enough, right out of the Sonogram, Dr. Jacobs told Melinda her blood pressure was way too high. Melinda asked if she could come home for one more night and the doctor said “Sure, if you want to have a seizure.” So off to Labor and Delivery we went with the knowledge that delivery would be happening that night. I then had to race home and get the pups to the Zen Den and grab Melinda’s bag. I was barely halfway back when Melinda called and asked me how close I was to the hospital because the c-section was scheduled to happen in the next 20 minutes. After racing back to the hospital and getting to the room just before the scheduled time, we learned that the operation was being moved to 8:30 to allow more time for the epidural and bloodwork.

At 8:30 we went in and at 8:53 Dr. Jacobs proclaimed “Dirk is a boy!” then at 8:54 Dr. Jacobs said “LeBron is a girl” and murmurs of “They named their kids Dirk and LeBron?” started proliferating through the OR staff. So I had to stand up and explain the code names to the OR. Once everyone realized we were naming the twins Dirk and LeBron and collective “Ahh” feel over the room and everyone went back to cleaning a baby. I noticed that while Mason was being cleaned and was crying his lungs out, Morgan was whimpering and was getting a little more attention from some new people in the room who introduced themselves as being from the NICU. The NICU doctor was very nice and explained everything to me as it was happening and let me know what was going to happening moving forward. While not a life-threatening situation, she would need to go to the NICU for observation.

Once the twins were cleaned up and put in basinets, it was off to the nursery via the waiting area so we could say hello to my mom who was waiting. Since we had not named the twins yet, I said “Dirk is a boy and LeBron is a girl!” My mom knew what that meant, but the other family in the waiting room waiting for the C-section following us had no clue what I said and I told my mom to fill them in while I went to the nursery.

From there, it was literally a blur. Going between the nursery with Mason, the NICU with Morgan and Melinda in her recovery room. I didn’t stop until about 2:00 am, but in that time I got to hold Morgan in the NICU and hold mason right after he got a bath. The NICU was one of those places that you know isn’t a good place to have to be, but the ladies in there made me feel as comfortable as they could. They even helped me decide on naming Morgan through an informal vote. Melinda was not in any shape to come to the NICU, but she wanted to name them as soon as possible so we named Mason while she held him in her recovery room and I had the 2 sets of girls names and asked the ladies for their input. Fortunately for me, I already had a name picked out and they all voted the same as I did.

I know I’m leaving some stuff out, and I apologize. I do want to thank all the visitors that came by to see us. I also want to single out my friend Nancy who emailed me to ask what the twins wanted. I responded with “An XBOX 360” so imagine the look on my face when she arrived at the room with an XBOX 360 box under her arm! I know I had a completely flabbergasted look on my face because I was only kidding. Apparently, so was she. She went to 2 different GameStop stores for an empty XBOX box. That’s a long way to go for a joke, but well worth it. Kudos to you, Nancy. LOL.

With all of this going on I still had to fly out Friday afternoon for my show that night. I ran into William Fichtner of “Prison Break” who was on my flight out. I’ve already talked about the show itself, but when the show was over I didn’t get to bed until 2:15 am LA time. I told Melinda I would do my best to get back on the first flight out which meant I had to be up at 5:15 am to go stand by on the 6:50 am flight. The only way I could get on the flight was to upgrade to 1st class. Thank heavens for upgrades.

Running on fumes I went straight to the hospital to help Melinda get ready to come home. I had to come home and get ready here then go pick up dogs. Everyone had told us about giving the dogs a blanket for them to sniff so when I picked them up I had a couple blankets ready for them to sniff and they were all over them. When we all came home Saturday afternoon the dogs were ready to see their new humans and have become protective of them – Rocky guards Morgan and Lola responds to Mason. It’s incredible to watch.

My apologies to those I left out and my deepest and sincerest thanks to the staff at HCA. Heather, our night nurse, was a Godsend and helped us more than she can imagine.

Now the real fun begins.


Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 110,830

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