Week 45: And all I got was this lousy t-shirt

This week was the last scheduled show of the conservatory program. A very surreal feeling knowing it all started back in July of last year. Of the 17 of us that started the Conservatory program 45 weeks ago (Tyler and Ellen were in my Immersion workshop back in July), only 5 of us made it to level 5 and we were lucky enough to have Maria come over from another group at the beginning of Level 4 to make it a group.

My friends Page and Angella came and it was a weird audience. They were awkwardly silent throughout a majority of the show, but they gave us an unusually long rounf og applause at the end. Maybe it was because it was graduation night and family members were in the audience, I don’t know. But it was very odd. We all kept commenting to each other backstage during the show about it, but we got through it.

When the show was over, Mike normally handles the close but told him I would handle it tonight because I wanted to say a special thank you to the rest of the group for the last year and let them know how much I appreciated them as friends and that I considered them family. I felt so happy at that moment looking at each of them and the entire 45 weeks passed before my eyes in a flash and I actually got a little choked up. Thank you Tyler, Maria, Mike, Ellen and Stephanie for letting me be part of the group. Thank you to Dave Razowsky, Josh Funk, Sarah Gee, Rick Kuhlman, Craig Cackowski and Holly Wortell for your guidance through the program. And to the 11 people that we lost along the way, we will never forget “alligator”.

After the show brought the graduation ceremony. Yes, a ceremony. Complete with walking the stage and “diploma”. At Second City they do it right and cater it…with pizza and a keg. It was so nice to get to meet everyone’s families that came to the show and get to mingle with all my friends from the other shows that I haven’t seen since the last Amigo Friends show or in the halls.

As part of graduation, graduates receive a t-shirt with the original Second City logo on it. The story behind the shirt and logo is that the old logo represents the history of The Second City and everyone that has been a part of it. By completing the Conservatory program, I am now a part of The Second City and have earned the right to wear the old logo and be considered a member.

And it’s the most expensive t-shirt I have ever bought.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 113,300

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