Week 46: All a blur

This week started with a call from my agent that I had to make the long drive to Shreveport Wednesday to audition for a movie called “The Comeback” starring gangster rapper turned actor Ice Cube and directed by Limp Bizkit frontman turned director Fred Durst. Oh yeah, it’s a family movie about the first female quarterback in Pop Warner football.

So after a long night Tuesday (hey, did I mention I have twins?) I was up at 6:30 to drive to Shreveport for my 10:05 audition. I don’t recommend anyone do that because it’s a long boring drive. Thankfully, I have satellite radio so I wasn’t skipping channels the whole way. I arrived just in time to change into my reporter’s outfit (shirt and khakis). The audition itself went ok, and I got the call back for 4:05 that afternoon.

Good news for me is my friend Scott lives in Shreveport so I had a place to chill out for the afternoon and got to spend some time with him catching up over lunch. Before I left to go to the callback I got to see his daughters Hillary and Jillian, who is my Goddaughter. I’m not sure what he tells the girls about me because they were very ecited to see me when they got home from school. I was shocked at how much they had grown since I’d seen them last.

So at the call back I was told to expect to read for the director, the aforementioned Fred Durst, but alas, he was called away so I was once again put on tape for later review. I suspect if I hear anything about it that it won’t be for a week or so. I know filming starts on December 3 in Shreveport so the decision is probably going to have to be pretty quick. I tend to not worry about auditions after they’re complete. My goal is to go in, do the best I can, and hopefully get called back. From the call back stage there is nothing else I can do and it can sometimes come down to a look, the director decides to go a different direction after the call back process or being too tall (yes, that has happened). I’ll let you guys know if I book it.

When I walked into the call backs, I ran into my friend Jim who had driven over in the afternoon for a callback on a separate role he auditioned for last week. When I left my call back I wished him luck and told him to give me a call if he wasn’t too far behind. Not 5 minutes after I left the offices, Jim called me and we ended up caravanin back which helped since the short nap I had taken the night before was starting to get to me.

Thursday it was back to LA for the penultimate “Sextet” show. Before heading over to the theater, I grabbed dinner with Todd and we found ourselves sharing our frustrations over the industry and the many catch 22’s that are part and parcel of it all.

From there it was off to the theater for an 8:00 rehearsal. The show was again sold out and I was happy to have Jason and his wife Misty, former Conservatory classmate Tiffany and my friend Esteban, who had just moved out from Dallas, there.

After the show it was Slurpee time with Joel and Ellen then back to Todd’s where I spent some time watching the BBC’s “Top Gear” and “Long Way Down” with him and Paul. It seems like every week Todd is getting me hooked on some show. I don’t have time for shows, but now I’m totally and completely hooked on “Top Gear”. Thanks, Todd.

I actually got a full night’s sleep for the first time in a month or so then I got up for the flight home and slept some more. That’s all I have for now. New pics are up over on the Twinfo site. Gotta run, feeding time.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 115,770

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