The Holiday Q&A – Answered

It’s a couple of minutes into Christmas and I wanted to say Merry Christmas and a belated Happy Hanukkah to everyone. With all that has happened this year, I figured I’d open the site up to your questions for a holiday Q&A and we’d all get caught up. It’s been a while since the first Q&A and the same rules apply as last time – there are none. You can ask me anything you want, just post it as a comment, email or text it to me, or fill out the contact form here on the site. Just after the first of the year, I’ll answer all of them with the same honesty and detail that I have put into all my other posts.I wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season. I hope 2007 was good to you and that 2008 is even better.

(1/20/08) Thank you to everyone that sent in questions and comments. Without further ado…

Q: So, now what?

A: LOL. Kudos to the handful of you that sent this one in almost immediately. It’s great question and deserves an entire post dedicated to it and that will come shortly.

Q: Where can I see some of your work? Is there any actual record of you doing all this or is it just a big charade?

A: As a matter of fact, I have posted 3 sketches and 2 improvised pieces from the level 5 show to the media section

Q: What is the most embarrassing story that you can share?

A:That’s a tough one because I can’t think of any. I tend to not get embarrassed very easily since I don’t take myself so seriously. I’ll think about that one and if somethings pops into my head, I’ll post it.

Q: (1) How is today different for you than when you started? (2) Where do you expect, today, to be versus 5 years out? (3) How is it different? (4) How is it better? (5) How is it worse?

A: Wow, heavy questions. I’ll answer them individually.

(1) Today is different because this is my career choice. It’s not a hobby. I understand the way the business works now. I have written scripts and produced films. I know it’s not just making the declaration “I”m an actor now” and having stuff fall out of the sky. I’m not the only tall, dark headed white guy going out for work so there has to be something that makes me stand out from all the others.

(2) I will admit I very naively set the goal of having my SAG eligibility within 2 years of starting this pursuit. That was 5 years ago. I did 2 SAG extra jobs in the latter part of this year which means one more extra gig and I’m eligible. Of course, getting a paid role in a SAG project gets you there immediately. I’ve found that setting goals is the best way for me to manage my expectations and growth. My goals for this year are to get both my SAG eligibility and land a role in a feature film, no matter how small it may be.

(3) Dallas is a totally different market than LA, Austin, New Mexico or Louisiana. Dallas is a big market for commercials and corporate videos and the Writer’s strike hasn’t really put much of a damper on that side of the business. I know LA is hurting right now from the strike, but Louisiana is exploding with film work. It’s not a business that is limited to LA and being there. I’ve auditioned for feature films in Shreveport simply by videotaping them and emailing them in. Saves me the drive, but also opens me up to other markets.

(4) I’m flying to LA every week to train with some of the brightest comedic minds in the world at The Second City and I bring that back with me and I get to use it at every audition. It’s also sort of a calling card. People in LA know me as “the guy that flys in from Texas” and people here in Dallas know that I’m part of the Second City community. I’ve thought about doing some improv classes here, but with my travel schedule I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I’m open to do it the situation does arise.

(5) Stuff doesn’t just fall out of the sky. LOL.I hope I answered these to your satisfaction, KT.

Q: Has fatherhood given you any new material?

A: Of course. Everything from changing diapers to dodging pee streams during bath time. I certainly have a new perspective on life and how things around me are effected.

Q: What would you tell Mason and Morgan about your chosen career?

A: I would tell them, no matter what they choose to do, do something that makes you happy. When you go to bed a night be happy with the job you’ve done that day and look forward to the opportunities tomorrow will bring. I don’t care if it’s milkman, doctor, astronaut, chef, whatever. Enjoy what you do and don’t take any job just for the sake of getting a paycheck. I’ve done it and it sucks.

Q: Does Melinda still feel the same about your travel now that your family size has doubled?

A: Let’s ask her…Well, his first trip happens this week*, so perhaps I should wait to answer this one. Seriously, I still believe Brian has what it takes and I still back him 110% on going for it. So many people don’t go for it and regret it later. I don’t want that for Brian – especially now that Mason and Morgan are here. His going to LA and going for something he really wants and something that really makes him happy is the best example for Mason and Morgan. We want them to feel confident that they can try anything new no matter how crazy it may sound. And believe me, traveling to LA weekly sounded pretty crazy about a year and a half ago. So as long as the tickets are obtainable and my work continues to be flexible so that M&M are cared for at home, we’ll keep on keeping on.

(* I’m going to a workshop in LA on 1/23 with one of the writers from “30 Rock”)

Q: Have you filled the “driver” opening on your staff?

A: I’m going to resist the opportunity to make a crude remark about filling any openings. I will take the high road and say I drive myself to the airport, but anyone that wants to chauffeur me is welcome to do it. I’m now accepting applications.

Q: What do you love and hate the most about the travel?

A: There’s nothing I truly “love” or “hate” about it. Since I started flying in and out of Burbank the stress of it all has gone way down. With my Platinum status on American Airlines I get to pick the exit row when I book my ticket online and I have upgrades to go first class now and then. I guess the part that I don’t enjoy is making the decision to grab lunch on the plane (which is deceptively good) and I end up with the only choice of the Asian Chicken Wrap — which sucks. The people at Hertz and the AA staff at LAX and Bob Hope Airports recognize me since I’m through there so much and they’re always really friendly. Plus, I get to spend 3 hours sleeping or watching movies on the iPhone. Of course, now that I’ve said this I’ll get some a-hole flight attendant and the Asian Chicken Wrap on my next flight.

Q: What do you think of Britney’s mental health?

A: These are my readers…

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