I’m headed to “The Former Soviet Union” “The Group”

Update 1/28: I have been moved to “The Group”. This works out for me since they meet Wednesday mornings and perform Wednesday nights. I still have love for “The Former Soviet Union”, who I saw give their first performance last week. We’ll still be friends on Myspace…Starting February 6, I will be performing with the The Second City Graduate group “The Former Soviet Union” “The Group” every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm as part of “Your Wednesday Night 4Cast”.

In my Week 47 travelogue, I gave the graduate path at Second City and how someone advances to the invitation only groups. Yes, I knew when I wrote the entry that I was in the group. Actually, I knew back in September. Week 38 to be exact. That was the week Dave Razowsky watched our preview show and gave us notes afterward. I was lucky enough to get some pretty good reviews from him and I felt really good about where I was headed in the conservatory. Later that week, we spoke about the graduate program and my intentions by email and the invitation came during that discussion.

Funny thing, is I didn’t know it was an invitation until Graduation night. Dave’s email asked if I would be able to participate in a new Thursday class. I thought it was another drop-in class, so I said “of course” and went on from there not knowing I had been invited into a group. Fast forward to graduation night and Dave hands me my certificate and some paperwork on the grad program (everyone got it). I sat down and saw the Sunday and Monday drop-in classes, but no Thursday. I figured it was so new it hadn’t been announced yet….then I continued reading and saw that Thursday was the new group “TFSU”. I’m sure anybody watching me saw me have a tiny freak out moment and some possible incontinence. I found Dave later in the office and asked if I could speak to him for a second. I told him I was going to whisper my question so not to look like an idiot if his answer was no, but bypassing the fact I was a grown man whispering into another man’s ear. Here’s the transcript/my memory of the conversation:

B (whispering): “Am I in a grad group?”

D: “Yes.”

I sit there with a blank stare momentarily.

D: “Can you make Thursdays?”

B (blurting out): “F$%& YES!” (hand covers mouth)

D: “Starting when?”

B: “February?”

D: “Ok. See you then.”

So the weekly grind will begin again in just a few short weeks. I’ll fly out Wednesday afternoons around 4:00 and be home Thursday nights around 9:00. I have about 17 free tickets combined through American Airlines, Soutwest and American Express which should cover me through May. I’m really excited to have this opportunity and to get to work with Dave. I also look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones.

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