Head over heels, repeatedly

Have you ever watched a football movie like “Friday Night Lights”, “Sign of the Times” or “Semi Tough” (Google them) and seen a faceless, nameless player get leveled with a vicious hit/block and reacted as if you’d just seen it on SportsCenter? I know I have. I know I’ve said to myself many times, “Who would want to get paid to take that sort of abuse?”

Well, I got a phone call Monday afternoon around 4:45 just as Melinda and I are arriving with the twins for a doctor’s appointment. The voice on the other end of the line says “Are you available at 6:00 tonight to be a football player for the HBO show “12 Miles of Bad Road”? They need a replacement ASAP. You will be suiting up as a featured extra.”

I will now give you a minute to re-read the title of this entry, the first two paragraphs, and laugh knowing where this is going. I’ll wait, go ahead. Be my guest.


The 2 ends of the auditioning spectrum

On Monday evening I auditioned for a national print ad for a skin care drink. This audition required women to be in a bathing suit for the picture and men in a speedo or briefs. Models would go in one at a time and be photographed in a secured, closed off area. So I waited about 45 minutes before hearing the production assistant, a pregnant woman in her late 20’s, come out and say “All the remaining men please come back with me.” Apparently, someone, I think it was her, had the bright idea to bring the remaining 13 or so of us on back, have us strip down and just knock out the necessary photos faster. The only way I can describe this to you accurately is to say there were 10 six packs in that room, me and 2 other guys. I can best describe it by putting Jabba the Hut, a Macy’s Parade balloon and whoever you choose fat to put here for the joke, standing behind 10 guys from “300”. Now I’m no slouch, but good gracious some people need a burger and fries. (more…)

I sully the good name of Steve Carell by using my name in the same sentence as his – UPDATED

Melinda and I spent the weekend in LA for the premiere of a short film I did, and I got to audition for The Second City Conservatory program. The Second City is a world famous improvisation school that has spawned such comedy geniuses as Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Steven Colbert, Amy Sedaris, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Eungene Levy, John Candy, Catherine O’Hara, Jim Staahl, the guy that played TV’s “Sledge Hammer” and countless others….possibly to include me. I mean “me” as in potential graduate, not as in comedy genius. The audition itself was very short (less than 3 minutes), but fortunately I knew my audition partner who is a wonderfully talented person so I felt comfortable. The tough part is the waiting since I won’t know anything until the end of the month. And yes, I do see the obvious corollaries to several jokes here involving 3 minutes, a partner, and waiting until the end of the month but I won’t be so cheap.

Melinda and I have discussed all the possibilities, but I won’t be moving out to LA anytime soon. I’ll probably commute to LA weekly for the classes if i get in, but you might ask “How long will you have to do this?” Well, thank you lone reader of my ramblings that asks pertinent questions in the middle of my post. The Conservatory program is made up of 5 levels and each level takes 8 weeks so using my conversion chart 5 x 8 = alot of frequent flyer miles.

So, I’m back home and toying with several script and sketch ideas along with the book of essays (which no one submitted any title ideas for, but who am I kidding I know nobody reads this). I do, however, know what I’m going to write for the foreward of the book so I’ve got that going for me….

UPDATE (09/22): I just got word that I have been accepted into the Conservatory program and have been assigned to the Sunday class. Thanks to all 3 of my readers for their well wishes, it is appreciated.

New Videos Added

Thanks to YouTube, I have added the short films “180” and “Lee” to the site, with links on the demo reel page.

And through my new MySpace page I have a higher quality version of my demo reel on the site now, too.

I hope you enjoy them. If not, Drew directed them. :)

A week 2 weeks in L.A.

I’ve been in L.A. for the last week studying improv at The Second City and I’ll be here another week taking yet another class and filming a short film. I really love improv because it’s not about being big and over the top funny, but about paying attention and letting the audience lead the scene. Last night was the culmination of our week long Immersion Workshop as we put on an hour long show.

It’s been a blast so far and I’ve met some incredibly talented people. I haven’t worked in a group like that and had so much fun and learned so much about people in a week ever. All 18 of us bonded very quickly and made some lasting friendships. Fortunately for me, 4 of those people have joined me for the Film Lab this week so we can carry the momentum over into the film.

I’m sans camera this trip, sorry, but I have had some celeb sightings: Lisa Ling (at Fred Segal), Todd Bridges (getting gas next to me in Venice), Vanessa Angel (from TV’s “Weird Science” also at Fred Segal). Why so many trips to Fred Segal you ask? Because it’s right next door and has a good cafe for the daily breakfast break.

More as it happens…..

The 24 Hour Video Race

I’m beyond tired so here’s the Reader’s Digest version for now:

Every year a thing called “The 24 Hour Video Race” comes along and the idea is that in 24 hours (midnight to midnight), you must complete a 5 minute short film using a specific theme, prop, line of dialogue and a location. This year, Drew, Angela, Wilbur, Josh and I competed in the race under Drew’s direction and excellent script. The theme this year was “cover story”, let’s just say Drew had a masterplan all along.

I’ll talk more about our entry, “Lee”, later but I only got 4 hours sleep last night, and the day started with a 3.5 mile charity walk at 8:00 am so forgive me for being brief.

UPDATE: We advanced to the final round of 6, but placed 3rd. I’ve posted it here.

Diet Pepsi Website + Me = High Comedy

Last weekend, I get an email from my agent telling me that I have an audition for a “Diet Pepsi Website Project” on Saturday. So I go and they explain it’s for a a “Sprockets” parody for the Diet Pepsi website. They play me the song, I dance like an idiot a couple times, they laugh, and I leave thinking what a funny story that will be to tell. Until later that day when they call me and tell me I got the gig and I need to be there at 7:30 the next day. I go, dance in a black unitard to a techo song and think it’s something silly for their website, until I overhear what is was really for.

Anybody see the new P Diddy commercial during the Super Bowl? The one where he decides to sign Diet Pepsi to his label, makes a video and hilarity ensues? Well, there’s another part to it — the videos that got rejected.

You can see it at BrownandBubbly.com, then:
– click on rejects
– click on the one bottom left, Klodwig’s Radikals
– laugh at me

Talk about a lucky break…..